Jabal Group is a successful group of companies operating in several business areas.
Since 1950, when Jabal Group was established as a stand-alone textile store, the Group has diversified its businesses and expanded internationally. Through solid and continuous growth, Jabal Group has built an enviable reputation for professionalism, service excellence, and high performance in every sector in which it operates in.

The Group’s second generation has contributed a significant input in expertise and state-of-art management that enriched Jabal Group to recognize the importance of combining on-the-ground experience and expertise on the international level.

The key to the development of the Group was the innovative contribution of the third generation, which allowed Jabal Group to realize the opportunities for continuous expansion and growth in a number of promising business areas.

Today Jabal Group operates across a wide variety of industrial and commercial sectors with a primary focus on the developing economies, the Middle East & North Africa in particular.

The Group considers the developing economies as the world’s most promising regions, very appealing in terms of business development. Due to ongoing supportive integrated partners, strategic alliances, and their diversification, Jabal Group is positioned for a continuous growing.